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Striplox Griplox No 20 Biscuit
The Striplox Griplox No 20 biscuit makes the ‘doing’ a whole lot easier and enjoyable. Traditional wood biscuits lose their shape and swell up in atmospheric conditions, resulting in substrate blowout. The Strilplox No 20 grip Biscuit is the new solution. It will never lose shape, and its innovative gripping spikes secure your project in place, providing a superior result every time. All you need is a hammer to knock it in saving time in clamping and eliminating the endless wait for glue to dry.

• Quick and easy application
• No swelling or substrate blowout
• Standard No 20 size
• Requires no glue to grip and removes the need to use clamps
• No drying time
• Flush finish every time
• 1 box = 200 Biscuits
Name SKU Colour Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Unit Price Qty Subtotal
Striplox Griplox No 20 Biscuit Black SLGRIP20BK Black

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