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No 130 Natural Silver Anodised Aluminium

Enko's #130 extrusion is a Beautiful and Strong handle-free solution made here in New Zealand.
The robust construction of the #130 profile removes the need for a separate support rail, gives strength to the cabinet and creates manufacturing efficiencies.
There is a #130 finish to suit any project, available in Powder coated Black or White, Anodised Silver, or in DIY raw.
The 42mm top rail and 52mm middle rail come in extra-long 3.6m lengths to minimize offcut wastage, and there are various brackets and end-caps for easy installation and a perfect finish.

Name SKU Handle Finishes Size (mm) Style Unit Price Qty Subtotal
No 130 AA Anodised Aluminium 42mm End Caps 130.AA.42End AA Anodised Aluminium 42 End Caps
No 130 AA Anodised Aluminium 42mm Extrusion 130.AA.42 (3.6m Length) AA Anodised Aluminium 42 Extrusion
No 130 AA Anodised Aluminium 52mm End Caps 130.AA.52End AA Anodised Aluminium 52 End Caps
No 130 AA Anodised Aluminium 52mm Extrusion 130.AA.52 (3.6m Length) AA Anodised Aluminium 52 Extrusion
No 130 Corner Clip A 130.CnrClipA N/A 0 Corner Clip A
No 130 Corner Clip B 130.CnrClipB N/A 0 Corner Clip B
No 130 End Clip 130.EndClip N/A 0 End Clip
No 130 Top Clip 130.TopClip N/A 0 Top Clip

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