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In-Drawer Bins
Enko has a range of Italian bins and accessory containers/boxes that can be mounted in drawers. The kits include the light grey bin, anthracite lid and handles, and two mounting brackets which are screwed to the base of the drawer. These brackets prevent the bins from moving in the drawers and are easy to clean and maintain.

This system can be used in new kitchens or as a retro-fit in existing kitchens.

There are 5 bins (from 9 to 30 litres) and 2 containers for accessories, dish cloths and bottles of cleaning materials etc.
Name SKU Length (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (Litres) Unit Price Qty Subtotal
In-Drawer Bin BOXS with Divider VBBIN.BOXS 194 161 85
In-Drawer Bin SM09 VBBIN.SM09 219 183 310
In-Drawer Bin BOXL with 2 Dividers VBBIN.BOXL 263 194 85
In-Drawer Bin ME15 VBBIN.ME15 293 219 310
In-Drawer Bin ME12 VBBIN.ME12 293 219 260
In-Drawer Bin LA16 VBBIN.LA16 365 219 260

Out of Stock

In-Drawer Bin LA30 VBBIN.LA30 365 219 460

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