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Enko Cabinet Legs - Standard (120-170mm)
Robust and strong. Made right here in New Zealand. Great for Cabinetmakers only using 150mm kick spaces.

• Adjusts 120 to 170mm, preset at 150mm
• Knock-in (10mm dowel) or screw-in bases
• Plinth Clips for PVC Plinth Panel and Solid Plinth
• 150 per carton
Name SKU Style Unit Price Qty Subtotal
Enko Cabinet Legs - Standard (120-170mm) w/Knock-In Base ASFA2211 Adjustable Leg and Knock in Base
Enko Cabinet Legs - Standard (120-170mm) w/Screw-In Base ASFA2210 Adjustable Leg and Screw on Base
Enko Cabinet Legs - Standard (120-170mm) - Leg Only ASFA2210/1 Adjustable Leg only
Enko Cabinet Legs - Knock-In Base only ASFA1011/K Base only Knock in
Enko Cabinet Legs - Screw-In Base only ASFA1010/S Base only Screw on
Enko Cabinet Legs - Plinth Panel Clips For PVC Plinth Standard Legs PBCLIP-S Standard Leg Clip for PVC Plinth
Enko Cabinet Legs - Plinth Panel Clips for Solid Plinth Standard Legs ASFA2220 Standard Leg Clip for Solid Plinth
Enko Cabinet Legs - Under-foot Plug ASFAPLUG Under-Foot Plug

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